Insubstantial and Meaningless (fallenbard) wrote in pornorific,
Insubstantial and Meaningless

Makin porno Ain't Easy

So I'm trying to put together a low budget amateur production and I've run into quite the snag. I have no idea where or how I'm going to find talent. Anyone know any good methods to go about finding people who want get work in the porn industry?
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Sadly I'm in Michigan.
I've found that making a film is harder than you would think. There's a lot of talk and not a lot of follow through.
I don't doubt it. Of course without having the slightest clue where to find talent I don't even get talk without follow through.
You could try Some local talents have profiles on there.
If really desperate, you could go through Southerncharms.
Have you tried asking around with your friends?
Yeah I've hit up everyone I know, even people I used to work with years ago and haven't talked to in a long time and I've gotten nowhere. Well not nowhere, I've got a lot of support and positive feedback. Of course that only goes so far without talent to fill the roles.

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The offer is much appreciated. For the time being my diabolical plan to produce adult fare has been shelved, but when and if I dust the plan off I'll be sure to drop you a line and see if you're still interested.
I'm in!