Jessa Flux (clubmix1996) wrote in pornorific,
Jessa Flux

I look like a lesbian gym teacher. But it ain't that bad.

I cut my hair! I did it myself in a members show on the site ( before I got to the good stuff. People were impressed. I am impressive!
Photobucket Photobucket
Hmmm, I wonder if you guys have been wondering where I am. Well… I have had a hell of a time recently. On my birthday Feb 17th I found out that the house my apt was in was being foreclosed and that my landlord would contact me when she found out who the next owner was. Well then the electricity went out and water was turned off. I am still trying to find a new place. I don’t wanna bore you with this but if you are interested you can go to the the chip-in I started for it and read what happened. If you donate that’s cool but I’m not gonna hold a gun to you head:)
Also I wanted to tell you I changed the way I post pics on my site so it’s like they are able to be viewed in the highest quality possible. Annnnnnd the new design for my site is almost done this is the preview:
It’s gonna have a blue back ground though which is pretty neat. It should be up completely like in a few days!
I do cam shows too. I always have but yeah if you want me messenger handles and stuff you can go here:
It also has my info on my show prices and shit there:)Also if you are a site member tell me cause you get %50 off!
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