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Wannabe Porn Stars

Bow Chicka Bow Wow

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Anyone who wants to be a porn star, this is the place for you!
Gay, Lesbian, Straight, Bisexual, Fetish, Bondage, S&M, Furry, Goth, Etc. Whatever your scene, if you want to get into porn, you're welcome here.

All I ask is that there's NO HATE in this group. If you post something rude towards someone else in this group (for no reason other than you're being a jackass), I will ban you from the community.
Other than that, have fun! Post pictures, ideas, webpages that have your pictures, or that you're trying to apply to, webpages that you think others might be interested in, Anything that has to do with getting into the porn industry!

You must be 18 to join.

Any questions/comments/problems/suggestions/letter bombs can be directed to showingitall